Great Kickoff Meeting

26+27 March 2009 at Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

These pages hold meeting materials for this kick off meeting - in particular materials from the breakout group discussions.

The main static meeting pages are on the GREAT web site at

Aims and Session Information

The three breakout sessions will enable discussions around the major science themes of Gaia. During these sessions the groups will aim to outline suggestions for networking activities around these science themes. Thus one activity for the breakout sessions will be deciding on key science themes where Gaia will have a significant impact, and what science programmes are best carried out in a collaborative manner, before and after Gaia launch.

The networking aspects could include ideas for:

We'll also be discussing the ideas for meetings, workshops etc that have been proposed by the participants in GREAT - via the earlier Sep 2008 Expressions of Interest Call

It is anticipated that the ideas generated in the breakout groups will form the basis for the initial plans for GREAT activities for the later part of 2009 and into 2010 (where hopefully) ESF funding will commence.

Institute Presentations

Breakout Sessions

Attendees: please sign up to the breakout group that you would wish to participate in.

It is suggested that each group ask for a volunteer who would be able to report back on the groups discussions during the Friday feedback session. Additionally a member of each group should be requested to keep notes (on this wiki) of the group discussions.

Breakout Group A

Breakout Group B

Breakout Group C

Background Materials

Dinner Details


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